Auto Car Solar LED Warning Light Safe Lamp COMPUTERUSB #132502

Auto Car Solar LED Warning Light Safe Lamp

Auto Car Solar LED Warning Light Safe Lamp

6 LED lights, the night can see from the car, can serve as an effective deterrent effect.
Built-in vibration sensor is, as long as the perception of vibration, 6 LED lights will be opened and issued a strong light.
Built-in automatic light during the day automatically stops, automatic control of lights after dark.
Automatic charge mode automatic charging during the day, will automatically control the lights after dark.
In the OFF mode during the day and will be automatically charged.
Products taken out can only use double-sided adhesive stickers.
(Car anti-theft alarm device)
With a neutral detergent to “will” wipe clean the place paste
After the glue on both sides, about 24 hours to reach the most viscosity
Do not double-sided adhesive attached to the place dirty or rough surface

Light Color:Blue
The number of light:6LED

Usage :
1.Placing the product on the vehicle visibility areas (such as the right side of the front windshield)
This product may be placed in direct sunlight at
Selected places, the inside of the low double-sided adhesive paper torn off, the paste is good.

2. Open switch
Product side of the ON / OFF switch
ON when the product is opened, when not in use leave the switch on the OFF file.
Vibration Center
Not sensitive to the vibration of the state, usually 6LED alternating light, which is in testing status, a vibration sensor will start the alarm mode after

3.Threatened status
Vibration plus 2 times within 5 seconds, 10 seconds flash mode vibration vibration
Vibration within the first 10 seconds and vibration plus 3 times selected for that switch to stop the state does not light within 60 seconds

Auto Solar Charger LED Car Burglar Alarm Warning Blue Light Sensor Security

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