Car Air Freshener Purifier Ionizer COMPUTERUSB #132507

Car Air Freshener Purifier Ionizer

Car Air Freshener Purifier Ionizer

Does your vehicle reek of cigarette smoke, fast food, perspiration or just plain funk? Do you like your pet’s company while travelling but not the smell that accompanies them? Not only can it be nauseating, but bad odors can also cause headaches, allergic reactions, asthma and other health issues. That’s why it’s important to breathe the cleanest air possible, especially in closed spaces like vehicles. Now you can do just that!
This patented ionizer simply plugs into your car’s cigarette lighter or power port and immediately goes to work sending out negatively charged ions to seek and destroy the contaminants inside your car’s air. The negative ions are attracted to the positively charged pollutants. Once bonded together, the ion becomes too heavy to remain suspended in the air, falls harmlessly out of circulation and no longer affects the surrounding air.
Vehicles pull air from the outside in, or circulate the air already inside the car which can be riddled with allergens like dust, dander and bacteria; that’s why the Earth-Air ionizer is a MUST-HAVE car accessory!
Purify and freshen your vehicle while safe-guarding the air you breathe by removing pollutants such as benzene and formaldehyde found in Upholstery and plastic vehicle components. Remove foul odors left behind by pets, food and perspiration.
Freshen and clean your vehicle without aerosols, gels or harmful chemicals. Keep the air you breathe PM 2.5 pollution-free with this essential vehicle accessory.

Universal fit for all car whit 12V car power.

100% Brand New In Box (Never Been Used or Installed)
Made with Standard Plastic.(not ABS plastic)
Color: red,blue,black
Large amount of negative ions (3,800,000 pcs/cm3)
Stronger smoke dispelling function
Perfect match between impulse negative ions and ozone.
Purify air,removes smoke and dust/bad smell.
New package design.

Technical parameters:
Negative ions concentration:3800000 pcs/cm3
Ozone concentration:3 mg/h
Working temperature:14°F-104°F
Size: 22mm (D) X 88mm (L)

Car Air Purifier Ionizer Freshener Auto Car Air Purifier Ionizer Freshener

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