Car LED Display Parking Sensor System COMPUTERUSB #122612

LED Car Parking Sensor Monitor Auto Reverse Backup Radar Detector System

Car LED Display Parking Sensor System

1. LED Display with three colors (Red, yellow & green)
2. System activated automatically when reverse gear is engaged
3. Beep notifies the driver of the distance and position of obstacles.
4. Three stages indicating, the closer the obstacle, the faster the beeping frequency.
5.Detecting distance range from 0M to 2.5M
6. 4 sensors
7. Insert/stick/waterproof sensors optional.

Sound Alar Stage
Distance/Awareness/Sound Alarm/Number
1 >250cm Safe area Silence
2 160-250cm Safe area Silence 1.6-5.5
3 100-150cm Safe area Dang…Dang… 1.0-1.5
4 70-90cm Alert area Dang…Dang… 0.7-0.9
5 40-60cm Alert area Dang…Dang… 0.5-0.6
6 0-30cm Dangerous area Dang…Dang… 0.0-0.4

Technical data:
1. Operating range: DC9v-15v
2. Rated voltage: DC12V
3. Power: 0.5W
4. Working temperature: -30`C—70`C
5. Detecting distance: 0-2.5M
6. Detecting angle: H>60`C, V>60`C
7. Recording time: 60S
8. Microphone sensitivity: -60db
9. Speaker power: 8, 0.5W
10. Operating current: 20-200MA
11. Ultrasonic Frequency: 40KHz
12. Display working temperature: -20~+60°c

Package including:
1 * Main Control Box
1 * LED display
4 * Parking Sensors with 2.5M Line
1 * Hole Saw
1 * Power Cable
2 * Double Side Sticker
1 * User Manual

Car LED Display Parking Sensor System Car LED Parking Sensor Monitor Reverse Radar Detector System Car Reverse Parking Radar

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