Car Shapeed USB Ashtray Smokeless Air Vacuum Cleaner COMPUTERUSB #142810

Car Shapeed USB Ashtray Smokeless Air Vacuum Cleaner

Car Shapeed USB Ashtray Smokeless Air Vacuum Cleaner

Car Shapeed USB Ashtray Smokeless Air Vacuum Cleaner

For your and your family’s health, it is best not smoke, smoking, the best control secondhand smoke emissions! At this time, if you have a little – USB clean green ashtray, all problems will be solved, it will automatically and quickly absorbs smoke, smoke control proliferation to other places!

Fully automatic, you can use USB power supply, can also use two 5 batteries, more convenient!
– Cartoon car appearance when not in use is also very good on the table decorations!
[Function] ashtray smokeless ashtray will filter the harmful gas inhalation, efficient removal, and then release the fresh air, let your friends and family from the dangers of secondhand smoke. Care for themselves, health care. To promote environmental protection. With it, make your life add green, let your body more healthy.

•100% brand new.
•Keeps your home, car or office environment clean and smoke free.
•Simple to use, just plug the supplied USB cable or install batteries.
•Cute design, it’s a decoration in your car, home or even on your desk.
•Use it to decrease smoke and odors around the desk.
•filters out harmful smoke from cigarettes.
•Open / close the cover to turn on / off.
•Built-in fan ensures fast and effective absorbing of smoke.
•Easy to clean, just take out the ashtray slot.
•Powered by USB power cable (included) or 2 AA batteries (not included).
•Cute car style design, suitable for putting one on your desk or as a gift.

•Size: 133x100x80mm
•Weight: 263g
•Color: Red Green Yellow Blue

USB Ashtray Smokeless Air Cleaner Car Shaped USB Cigarette Smokeless Ashtray Purifier

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