Car Tire Tyre Tester Air Pressure Gauge COMPUTERUSB #122609

Car Tire Tyre Tester Air Pressure Gauge

Car Tire Tyre Tester Air Pressure Gauge

1. LCD screen display with backlit for easy reading
2. Three units available: PSI, KPA, BAR,KG/cm2
3. Small portable design, easy to hold and operate
4. Accurate and quick measuring, reliable to use
5. With anti-skid rubber handle
6. Manual power on/off and auto power off for power saving
7. LED light at gauge nozzle, convenient to use even at night
8. Size:10.5×4.5×2.2cm (L*W*H)
9. Material: ABS & rubber

1. Type: Tire pressure gauge
2. Measurement range: 5.0-200PSI; 0.35-7.00BAR
3. Accuracy: 1PSI
4. Resolution: 0.5PSI
5. Unit: PSI, KPA, BAR
6. Display: LCD
7. Backlit color: black+silver

Tire pressure units: units kgf / cm2, bar, PSI and kpa 1bar = 1.02kg / cm2 = 102kpa = 14.5PSI we often say that the front of the unit should be 2.1-2.3 bar… Because 1bar = 1.02kg / cm2, both less. But tire shop often referred kg / cm2 kilograms.

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