Glowing Ball LED Lamp Night Light COMPUTERUSB #122909

Glowing Ball LED Lamp Night Light

Glowing Ball LED Lamp Night Light

This interactive nightlight has removable, illuminated Glo balls that stay glowing after removed from the base. There’s nothing electronic in them, they are not neither fragile or warm to the touch.

Wattage: approx. 1W
Voltage: 110 – 220V
Material: Plastic
Application: Nightlight, nighttime games, ect.

Portable and interactive: The white base with three pedestals to hold the Glo balls which you can remove
it from the lamp body. Your child can choose their favorite color by moving the sliding lever on the base,
or keep color circulating all night.
Note: About Glowing balls: IF the ball be out of the LED,then it can only light up for 2-3 seconds.As the ball can not charge itself.the light which u can see in the ball is just come from the bottom of the LED. In other words, the light in the ball comes from the fluorescence.

How to install the ball?

1.when we open the led ,we need to put the switch to the right most.
2.when we get out of the ball ,pls counterclockwise rotation 90 And clockwise rotation 90 as we put it in the led.Then the ball can fixed in the bracket.

Materials are non hazardous which made of BPA, phthalate, and PVC-free.

Key reminder:
(1)There’s nothing electronic in them, they are not neither fragile or warm to the touch. The kids will love it when playing a nighttime games or trying to fall asleep.
(2)Ball after only one color light from the base removed,and placed in a dark place to be apparent.

Golf Ball LED Night LampCute-Kids-Gift-Glowing-Balls-LED-Lamps-Boon-Glo-Style-Color-Changing-Night-Light

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