What is Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner is the high-tech Intelligent Sweeping Robot that built-in AI smart chip, no wiring required, no need for manual intervention, with functions of automatic cleaning according to the planned map at the scheduled time, automatic returning, automatic charging etc. It is helping you to complete housework while giving you a wonderful and interesting technology experience.

– It can clean multiple rooms
– It can work as both floor cleaning and wet mopping
– It can vacuum under sofa and bed
– It can clean places as you hope or not


Why you should be involved in market of Smart Robot Vaccum Cleaner?

1.The Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a very popular product in Amanzon’s product category, which proves that there is a large market. And the traditional vacuum cleaner itself is a huge market, while the intelligent sweeper is the most substitute.

2.With the development of the economy and changes in work and living habits, more and more people are choosing smart sweeping robots as an essential part of the smart home ecosystem,just like our usual refrigerators, TVs, and air conditioners.

3. The intelligent sweeping robot (non-electric sweeper) is in the high-speed growth period of the product, which is the best commercial cut-in period. The offline marketing channel has the advantage of pre-emptive, and the early profit is more impressive. While the commercial development space of mature products is quite limited,that we can’t wait.

4. Smart sweeping robots are far from being popularized for the following reasons:
a. Big brands are expensive.
b. Industrial Leaders almost all Chinese companies, almost no offline channels
c. new products
As a direct independent brand of R&D manufacturers, we have an absolute advantage in price and are strongly supporting offline investment.


How much you should invest and how about its reward?

1. Investment: Our cooperation model is open. You can propose the appropriate business method based on your local situation (Please discuss with us in detail). As the brand owner, we will continue to invest in the front-end exhibition/media, and
establish overseas warehouses to open up various logistics connection,help you quickly distribute goods and speed up capital turnover. In addition, we have global unified after-sales support, you do not need cost and time investment in the after-sales period.

2. We have a high commission return compared to other products:
a. Exclusive agency monopoly mode, there is no price vicious competition
b. Better MSRP price, guaranteeing you the high commission you expect
c. Planned product strategy. In the early stage, we can use a product to build popularity and sales at a low price/even a loss. The next step is to improve MSRP through product function technology update (eg with Laser, adjustable suction, modulariz DIY replacement etc.)

3. Unique brand background: We are not only independent brands, but also big OEM manufacturers for many well-known brands with rich experience and research and development capabilities, which provide effective development guarantee for your continuous agent partnership.


Why you should choose our brand?

Business aspect
1. We are a partnership rather than simply selling, you only sell, and the supply chain/logistics related to the product is backed by us.
2. Implement a regional exclusive agency system with a price protection mechanism to avoid stockpiling and vicious competition.
3. Minimize your after-sales cost and time, the actual global unified APP online customer support.
4. Self-operated Amazon flagship store, establish a good reputation
5. Lots of exhibitions and online and offline media advertising investment, expand visibility and improve reputation

Product aspects:
1. The software is automatically upgraded to make the product performance more and more perfect
2. Modular DIY replacement maintenance, reducing after-sales costs. These accessories are also the source of profit for agents.
3. Our brand has a very high experience score in the industry, which is itself a big selling point.
4. Although we are not a traditional first-line brand, we have a strong R&D factory background. (For example: strategic partners such as Haier/Green/iRobot)


Product & Technology Selling Points:

After several years of development, European and American markets have been weakened by the sweeping machine for random cleaning, and users are more eager for truly intelligent sweeping machine products.
Our company has set a series of planned sweepers ahead of the market trend. This is a truly intelligent sweeping robot, practical and interesting.

1. Can be Alexa/Google Assistant voice control, as fun as a toy.
2. Mobile APP planning cleaning, you can always know where to clean, how to clean, you can find the machine location at any time.
3. APP remote upgrade, solve product function upgrade problem after purchase
4. The benefits of a full smart chip
a. Remember where you swept, and pause at any time to continue.
b. Avoid duplication of work, save electricity (lithium battery – equivalent to extending life)
c. >98% of the sweeping area, far better than general ones only 60%
d. Intelligent anti-collision, anti-fall, circuit self-protection
e. Automatic return, self-charging
5. Suction adjustable
6. Low noise, quiet work
7. Ultra-thin, sweeping under the sofa bed (of course you can limit its cleaning area)
8. You can sweep the floor or wet mopping
9. Anti-collision, anti-fall

For specific selling points/ functional characteristics/video deom of different product models, please write to us (chinaok321@gmail.com) for further consultation.