Magnetic Fast Charge Type-C Micro & Lighting Cable for iPhone Android Type-C Mobile Phone


Magnetic Fast Charge Type-C Micro & Lighting Cable for iPhone Android Type-C Mobile Phone

Magnet-absorb charge cable is a big leap in the data cable industry, it subverts the traditional conductive charging mode. One second connection, fast charge, regardless of the pros and cons, not to hurt the machine, safer and faster. Let charge be a pleasure!

Outstanding Advantage:
a. The long cable can support both Android & iPhone, that is versatile. While others can only support or android or iPhone,not both.
b. Support double-sided charging, no positive and negative. While others, you have to take trouble and carefully for it and connect correctly.
c. It support both charging and data transfer, while others only for charging.
d. Connect Pin is 1:1 to Apple’s original, which is safer.
f. Nano-class soft magnetic design, magnetic is moderate and does not hurt the mobile phone components.

1. Charging by single hand,driving safer: magnetic attraction, convenient plug by one hand,greatly reduce the risk of traffic accidents.
2. Anti-foot-binding, avoid damage phone: if you don’t care to bind the cable, it will separate from the charging end to avoid your phone drop down from desktop and damage.
3. Dustproof on charging port: it can be used as one dustproof piston,used to extend the life of smart devices.
4. You need only plug the charging end into the phone’s charging port once time, no harm on phone by repeatly plug 1=100000 mating cycles.
5. Speed connect,charging end no positive and negative,automatic positioning.
6. Automatically power off after full charging, protection devicefrom overcharge damage.
7. Different colors LED light indicates the charging status.

Suitable for iPhone or Android phone or Type-C Device ( Please leave message which kinds phone you will use)
Function: Charging
Conductor: 30 12 tinned copper sheath TPE (optional braided cable)
Current: 2.4A
Plug: one-piece stainless steel plug 17-4 PM
Double aluminum alloy shell, durable.
Length: 100mm (other lenght can be customized)

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